Drossbach N.A. Inc is a leading North American manufacturer of Innovative Cable Protection Solutions for Tomorrow’s Technology. Our latest product offering of flexible corrugated conduit is certified for use in the construction of Mass Transportation vehicles. These conduits are derived from specifically formulated Nylon 12 and Nylon 6 resin blends that are laboratory certified to comply with ASTM E 162, ASTM E 662 and SMP 800-C standards and are recognized by the Federal Railway Administration.

Drossbach with their partner REIKU Gmbh. bring over 70 years combined experience in the manufacturing of Hi Tech Cable Protection to the marketplace. With a multitude of certified compounds bearing approvals from governing bodies such as TUV, DIN, ATS, CSA, UL, UL1696,Lloyds,DNV and ASTM to name a few. Over 2,000 patented IP rated connector and conduit management products complement our conduit product line. Our Hi-Tech Electrical conduit and fittings are used globally in the manufacturing of alternate energy generation platforms such as wind and solar power.

Drossbach N.A. Inc. manufactures a wide range of corrugated-flexible tubings used in a multitude of industries. Proud supplier of protective split-loom conduit to many of the major automotive and heavy truck manufacturers. Providing cuffed drainage hoses for various plumbing, swimming pool, marine and R.V. applications, Drossbach offers design support for custom and specialty marketplaces including Telecommunication, Robotics, Medical and Electrical Industries. Drossbach is dedicated to fulfilling the needs and expectations of its customers. Our disciplined production approach combined with a modern well-equipped manufacturing facility and strictly controlled quality processes assure our commitment to meeting the ISO/TS 16949 standard. These well established manufacturing and quality systems are also complimented with a superior customer service department.

Manufacturing a wide range of corrugated-flexible tubings REIKU North America delivers cable protection systems, flexible electrical conduit, cable jackets and cable management systems ...

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Drossbach began in 1919 in Reinemlach Germany. We were one of the early pioneers of the corrugated tubing process and still today are one of the world's largest manufactures of corrugated tubing.
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